The American Track Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione features three of the most iconic circuits from the United States of America.

COTA – Circuit of the Americas

The project of the first USA circuit directly aiming to all track racing major series started back in 2010, in Austin (Texas). The circuit features some very complex sections which are driven at very high average speeds. It is 5.5 Km long and it lays on a hilly land which brings to some very impressive short braking areas mixed with others in which it’s very easy to gain speed in an incredibly short amount of time. The circuit is much felt in local citizens hearts as at every major event it goes close to sold out, with a record attendance of 400 000 people in a single race weekend.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Have you ever seen a place where a track is so important to name a city? Well, it’s Indianapolis’ case, as it’s located in a city called “Speedway”. The circuit is the second most ancient race circuit of humanity, built in 1909, two years after Brookland (UK) which is the very first one. This should tell a lot about the huge motorsports culture which this place in Indiana (USA) holds in his heritage. Everything around this area is completely absorbed by the passion for engines, speed, tyres and whatevers comes alongside a racing vehicle. Indianapolis has been known for ages for its high speed ring, which feature extreme banking allowing for high speed “cornering” in the oval, but as every motorsports capital it’s being able to evolve and now features also an FIA Grade 1 layout which is the home for the Indianapolis 8 Hour for the GT World Challenge by SRO and many other racing categories across all genres. Carl G. Fisher would be really proud of the heritage he has created for the entire motorsport industry.

Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen, close to Seneca Lake in the state of New York (USA) was opened around 1956 and it was built to move the several motor racing events which were previously held in the nearby villages and roads to a proper circuit. It has been home of the major racing disciplines across all of its history in which it became very popular as the “Mecca” of North American motorsports. Initially, the racing activity in this area was due to Cameron Argetsinger, whose family summer residence was placed in this area. This family collaborated with local authorities to start organize racing events and giving life to the future circuit which has been also the Unites States of America Grand Prix for years.

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