PC Hotfixes OUT NOW
PC Hotfixes assetto corsa competizione

PC Hotfixes OUT NOW

Dear ACC racers,

Assetto Corsa Competizione latest PC Hotfixes are out now on Steam!

Refresh your Steam client, download and install the update so you can enjoy it.


  • Potential fix for pitlane status and opponent invisibility getting stuck for opponent netcars in certain scenarios
  • Added 100Hz legacy option for FFB frequency for older wheels
  • Fixed an issue with mouse potentially stealing focus in the MFD and creating a double selection
  • Potential fix for compatibility with some older GPUs
  • Yellow flagged car on the track map now always shows on top.


  • Fix for autoclutch behaviour
  • Tweaks for tyre pressure loss and flat spotting
  • Fix BMW M6 2021 BOP Spa camber limitations and tyre assignments


  • Removed obsolete nickname entry from first-time driver info popup.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of steer assist with controllers.
  • Fixed AI selecting wrong tyres in wet sessions.
  • Fixed skip session function resetting ideal line wetness to fully dry, regardless of the conditions.
  • Fixed potential session hang with high number of opponents at Spa.
  • Fixed a potential crash scenario in saved games and weekend progression when the AI change setups.
  • Corrected Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo engine power at Mount Panorama (IGTC A).
  • Added Leaderboard overlay as bindable input.
  • HUD: increased maximum range of safe zone (margin) width.
  • VR: fixed flickering window in SteamVR when using spectatorScreenMode=0.

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