Assetto Corsa EVO Wishlist it now on Steam
Assetto Corsa Evo screenshot: Daytime racing circuit

Assetto Corsa EVO Wishlist it now on Steam

We are thrilled to announce that the Steam Store page for our highly anticipated new game, Assetto Corsa EVO, is now live!

Assetto Corsa EVO redefines the concept of realism and the features of one of the most popular cross-platform driving simulations ever developed.
Like its predecessor, Assetto Corsa EVO will include cars from various classes spanning years of automotive history: road cars, classics, hypercars, prototypes, and racing cars. The most iconic representation of the automotive and motorsport world.
EVO stands out for its meticulous attention to each vehicle, modeled through an advanced system that accurately reproduces mechanical, electronic, and aerodynamic performance. This level of detail ensures an even more authentic and engaging driving experience.

Furthermore, the circuits are recreated with extreme precision thanks to Laserscan technology, which, along with a new algorithm that realistically simulates asphalt behavior and dynamic weather conditions, provides the driver with an even more satisfying and immersive driving approach.

KUNOS Simulazioni has developed a new proprietary graphics engine specifically designed for driving simulations, which will guarantee support for VR headsets and triple screens, and photorealistic details. Assetto Corsa EVO is a dedication from the Kunos team to motor enthusiasts, in our shared passion for cars, driving, and racing.

Visit the Assetto Corsa EVO Steam Store page to check out stunning screenshots and add the game to your wishlist to stay updated and don’t forget to explore the dedicated apparel collection available now at the Official Assetto Corsa Merchandise Store!

Daytime racing simulation in Assetto Corsa Evo


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