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KUNOS Simulazioni is thrilled to announce the return of the Ferrari Esports Series 2023 edition.

The competition is being held on both our racing simulators Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione, with an incredible opportunity for the final 10 participants to compete for the unique chance to join the prestigious Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team!

The Ferrari Esports Series 2023 comprises four distinct stages: Hot-Laps, Qualification Races, Regional Finals, and Grand Finals.

● Hot-Laps – Live Now Running until August 13th

During the Hot-Laps stage, drivers participate in 8 different tracks, 4 on Assetto Corsa, and 4 on Assetto Corsa Competizione. Each track session is a one-week period where sim racers can join a server and set a Hot-Lap. The top 24 fastest laps for each track then qualify for the Qualification Races. Drivers can join and leave the server at any time during scheduled one-week sessions to attempt Hot-Laps. Drivers are not required to compete in every single week or on both games, and can pick and choose which week they’d like to participate in. They are allowed to attempt all 8 of the Hot-Lap sessions across both games. These sessions can be entered in all 3 regions across the globe, EMEA, Americas, and APAC.

● Qualification Races – June 11th, 2023 – July 20th , August 24th – September 12th

During the Qualification Races stage, the top 24 drivers from each of the 8 Hot-Lap sessions, in each region independently, will move on to the next stage, Qualification Races. Participants remain on the same circuit, game, and region as their Hot-Lap, and their Hot-Lap determines their starting position for the race. From this stage forward, new drivers will not have the opportunity to register or enter the tournament.

● Regional Finals – September 24th, 2023 – September 30th, 2023

The top 3 from the Qualification Races stage from each of the 8 races will then compete in regional finals. There is one race per region, and this result then determines the finalists.

● Grand Finals – October 12th, 2023

The top 3 from the Regional Finals stage will then compete in the Grand Final with the addition of a wildcard participant. All the final 10 sim racers will fight for the unique opportunity to join the Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team.

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To register for the tournament and ensure that your laptimes or races will successfully display, you need to complete three simple steps:

Participants can register for the tournament and compete in any of the 8 Hot-Lap sessions until August 13th.

Even if you missed the first few weeks, you are still on time to test your distinct driving skills. To be able to get a step closer to the opportunity of driving for the Ferrari Esports Team, be sure to get all the cars and tracks here.

Are you wondering where you can follow this exciting Ferrari Esports Series 2023? You can do this by following the official Ferrari Esports Twitch Channel or here on!

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