Synergy Unveiled: KUNOS Simulazioni and Ferrari
synergy of Ferrari and KUNOS Simulazioni on Assetto corsa and assetto corsa competizione in-game


Unveiling the Extraordinary Synergy: KUNOS Simulazioni and Ferrari Redefine Realism in Driving Simulations!

We are thrilled to share the fascinating story behind the remarkable collaboration between KUNOS Simulazioni and the iconic Ferrari, a partnership that has revolutionized the world of driving simulations.
This historic venture brings together KUNOS’s unparalleled expertise in cutting-edge driving simulators and the renowned Ferrari brand, synonymous with automotive excellence.

The collaboration between KUNOS Simulazioni and Ferrari represents a true meeting of minds, where engineers, designers, and developers work synergistically to achieve a perfect fusion of art and technology.
This seamless integration culminates in an unparalleled driving experience that captivates both motorsport enthusiasts and those yearning for the excitement of the open road.

Watch now the Ferrari Esports Series: Synerges video for unexplored details in the narrative of the synergy between video games and the automotive industry!

In this video, Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s Chief Design Officer, states that gaming provides enormous opportunities and enables the expansion of the community of Ferrari enthusiasts. It extends beyond just collectors or individuals fortunate enough to drive an exclusive object like a Ferrari; it captivates people of all ages, including the younger generation. The experience is becoming more immersive as a result of the elevated levels of realism and precision in reproducing every detail of the exteriors and interiors. It almost feels like driving an actual Ferrari.
His team meticulously set the stage for each new Ferrari, leaving no detail overlooked. Their unwavering focus on performance and results serves as the driving force behind our collaboration, inspiring us to create virtual experiences that capture the essence of Ferrari’s extraordinary vehicles.

Carlo Palazzani, Ferrari’s Head of Sports Cars Exterior Design, highlights the significance of identifying new features while staying true to Ferrari’s heritage while Giuseppe Bagnardi, Ferrari’s Lead Designer for Sports Cars Exterior, emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique package and engine positioning of each vehicle. These factors play a vital role in shaping the car’s overall balance and volume distribution. By meticulously recreating these intricate details in our simulations, we ensure that enthusiasts can truly experience the distinctive characteristics of each Ferrari model.

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of our collaboration lies in the realm of aerodynamics. Matteo Biancalana, Ferrari’s Performance Manager Aerodynamics, explains the formidable challenge his team faces in optimizing airflow and managing thermal dissipation. These factors are crucial for achieving peak performance. By replicating these intricate aerodynamic dynamics in our simulations, we enable players to feel the immense power and precision of Ferrari’s engineering.

synergy of Ferrari and KUNOS Simulazioni on Assetto corsa and assetto corsa competizione in-game

Marco Massarutto, Co-Founder of KUNOS Simulazioni, proudly shares that our synergy with Ferrari has spanned over 12 years, during which we have developed an engine capable of simulating the behavior of Ferrari cars with unparalleled accuracy. This allows us to recreate the unique driving sensations offered by these exceptional vehicles, whether on the racetrack or the open road, both on Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione racing video games.

Aristotelis Vasilakos, our Head of Vehicle & Handling R&D, is an invaluable asset to our collaboration with Ferrari. His expertise and profound understanding of vehicle dynamics have been instrumental in creating a physics engine that faithfully replicates the behavior of Ferrari cars. Aristotelis ensures that our simulations deliver an unparalleled level of realism, providing players with an authentic and immersive driving experience.

Luca Sodano, our Sound Designer, breathes life into Ferrari’s engines within our simulations. Through his meticulous field recordings and attention to detail, he captures the essence of every Ferrari model, from the thunderous exhaust notes to the subtle nuances of shifting gears. Luca’s work adds a layer of sensory immersion that completes the virtual Ferrari experience, allowing players to truly feel the power and passion of these remarkable machines.

Fernando Barbarossa, our Lead Physics Programmer, is the mastermind behind the intricate physics models that bring our simulations to life. With an unwavering commitment to accuracy, Fernando ensures that every tire contact, suspension movement, and aerodynamic interaction is faithfully represented in our virtual world. His expertise and attention to detail enable players to experience the dynamic behavior of Ferrari cars with astonishing realism.

At KUNOS Simulazioni, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for authenticity in our racing simulators. Our synergy involves close cooperation with Ferrari’s engineers, who provide valuable insights to ensure that the simulated driving experience mirrors reality. From the movement of active aerodynamic surfaces to the intricacies of tire physics and sound design, we painstakingly recreate every detail, capturing the very essence of driving a Ferrari.

synergy ferrari and kunos simulazioni on assetto corsa competizione video game

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