v1.7.12 Hotfix Update Assetto Corsa Competizione OUT NOW!
v1.7.12 Hotfix Update liveries 2021

v1.7.12 Hotfix Update Assetto Corsa Competizione OUT NOW

Dear simracers, v1.7.12 Hotfix Update is out now on Steam with all liveries from the 2021 season!

Refresh your Steam client in order to download and install the update.
Please note that v1.7.12 Hotfix Update includes a server version update, which can be downloaded here or via the Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server app on Steam.

v1.7.12 changelog

– All 2021 GTWCH EU full-season liveries added as bonus content.
– Bonus livery for the “BMW Sim Time Attack” series.
– Bonus livery for the Logitech McLaren G Challenge.
– Option in menuSettings.json to change the preloading of cars in the UI:
“carsPreloadMode”: 0=always, 1=never, 2=auto (default)
“carsPreloadLimitMB”: used when carsPreloadMode=2 to compare it with available video memory (cars preload is disabled if video memory is lower than the value set here) (default = 5000)
Legacy behavior: “carsPreloadMode”: 0,
NOTE: this setting is to save memory on systems with very low video and system memory to prevent freezes on game launch.

– Revised View Settings menu with pages for groups and undo function.
– Mirror settings now exposed in the new View Settings menu.
– Revised Gear widget with separated fuel, gear and pedals sections – visibility setting added in HUD menu options.
– Physical steering input now displayed in Pedals widget.
– Max framerate cap increased.
– Minor fix on Oulton Park track map.

– A fix to an inaccurate pit entry/on-track status at Oulton Park.

– Fixed erroneously high default brake bias value in Wet setup presets of the Porsche 991II GT3 R at IGT tracks.
– Porsche 991II aeromap adjustment to allow for slightly higher top speed.
Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
– Honda NSX GT3 at EU B
– Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at EU D – further adjustments
– Bentley Continental GT3 at EU D

– Fixed backlight on British GT numberplates.

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